Baqara v. 286 Abu Bakr as-Shatri

Baqra Abu Bakr as-Shatri

With English translation alongside a great video of nature footage, Abu Bakr as-Shatri recites verse 286 of surah Baqara

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Surah Burooj - Luhaidan

surah burooj

Recited by Muhammad Ibraheem al-Luhaidan, with English translation and video of Allah's creations (Mountain's, Stars etc.)

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Surah Hud 103-108 - Ghamdi


Very emotional recitation by Sa'ad al-Ghamdi in which he cries! Accompanied with great videos of Allah's creation such as rain, tree's, deserts etc.. w/Translation

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Surah Hadid 12-16 - Salman al-Utaybi

HadidExtremely powerful recitation by Salman bin Ali al-Utaybi, with great video and translation into English text. Absolutely must watch!

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Surah Maryam 85-95 - Luhaidan

MaryamBreathtaking! Brothers and Sisters you must watch this video! Includes English translation text with brilliant visuals. Recitation by Muhammad Ibraheem al-Luhaidan

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Surah Al-Imran 14-18 - Luhaidan

LuhaidanAnother brilliant recitation by Muhammad Ibraheem al-Luhaidan, enough said, just download and watch now =)

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Army of Allah - Damdim 'Alaiha

Damdim Alaiha

A little fun thing for you to enjoy, just watch it, it goes through some of the creations of Allah =) The background is a nasheed by Abo Ali called Damdim 'Alaiha

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