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A bit Imam about Ahmed Sa'ad

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Download recitations from the Holy Qur'an and du'a by Imam Ahmed Muhammad Sa'ad of the North London Central Mosque (a.k.a Finsbury Park Mosque). Exclusive MP3 download available only on Islam Factory. Alhamdulillah.

Imam Ahmed Sa'ad is a prominent scholar focusing alot on the youth, in particular the youth of the Finsbury Park area in North London. Known for organising many youth activities, such as Conferences and Camping trips, Ahmed Sa'ad has come to be known and loved by the youth of Finsbury Park and many other areas as a 'Young Sheikh' in touch with the modern day problems of the youth.

Imam Ahmed Sa'ad is a graduate of Al-Azhar Univeristy, in Cairo Egypt, and was also taught by Sheikh Mu`adh Safwat (hafizullah). Aside from delivering talks to the youth, and the adults for that matter, Imam Ahmed Sa'ad has appeared numerous times on shows broadcasting on the UK television network Channel 4, on shows such as 'The Muslim Jesus'.

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